Vintage Reproduction Chinese Rice Cake Mold

Our handcarved wooden Chinese Rice Cake mold is a vintage reproduction. It's a wonderful kitchen or home decor display piece and naturally, an excellent mold to create your favorite cakes, cookies, breads or soaps.

Handcarved wooden molds are used in making rice cakes for Chinese celebrations at New Year and the first full moon in order to convey a family's hopes for good fortune in the coming year. Carvings depicted on the molds have special meaning and wishes. The rice cakes themselves, whether made with such special molds or just patted into round or oval shapes, carry a symbolic meaning of peace, harmony and the family circle. Rice cakes are also called moon cakes because they are eaten on the first full moon of each year, they are thought to have originated with the ancient worship of the moon.

These molds are vintage reproduction and will exhibit great patina over time by constant hand-rubbing or one could apply wood stain to yield "Old World" patina on the wood.