All Things Vintage Washi Tapes | 30mm x 7m


Washi tapes are great colorful embellishments for packaging, craft and whatever you fancy to decorate. Simply perfect for decorating journals, bulletin boards, clocks, bracelets, collages and more.

These washi tapes comes in 8 unique classic styles and are sold individually - per roll or by 3 rolls and 6 rolls value packs of your choice at reasonable price! It's also available as a set of 8 rolls. Buy More, Save More! 

1. Ladies Style
2. Gentleman Style
3. The White Rabbit
4. Tailor's Shop
5. Vintage Coins
6. Nautical Collectibles
7. Vintage Map
8. Vintage Hemisphere Map

$3.75 per roll, 30mm

$9.50 for Value Pack of 3 Rolls (15% off)
$15.75 for Value Pack of 6 Rolls (30% off)
$19.50 for 1 Entire Set
 (8 Rolls) (35% off)

✭ Please remember to indicate selections upon checkout for orders of Value Packs. Otherwise, selections for the value packs will be randomly selected ✭

• 30mm x 7m 

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